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1) Repairs                          


2) Upgrade & Modifications


3) Vintage Rebuild


4) Premium CD Player Upgrade Package




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We respect intellectual property rights, and will never disclose, duplicate or copy the circuitry of any manufacturer or designer.   We will not duplicate any product, regardless of the circumstances.     We are under non-disclosure agreement with nearly all the manufacturers which we work with.    Schematics will not be released to customers without prior approval from the manufacturer.


Under no circumstances will we make "DIY" versions of any brand name equipment regardless of their copyright status.   If you want to duplicate circuits, please go to another store.


Due to the success of Excel Stereo, a number of people have made attempts to copy our business model, even the design, layout and wordings of our website.   Make no mistake, there is only ONE Excel Stereo, and the integrity of our repair practice cannot be copied.    We do the BEST or nothing.



Recent Repair Examples / Customer Feedbacks:


Mark Levinson 333


Jeff Rowland Model 8


Mark Levinson No. 20



Manley Neo-Classic 250

Classe DR-7 Preamp


McIntosh 2105

Power Amp


McIntosh 1900



Audio Research VT100

Bel Canto SET 40


Belles 150


Conrad Johnson PV-1


Conrad Johnson CAV50




Hickok 533A Tube Tester



Unison Research Unico



Margus MFA Preamp



Mark Levinson No. 26S Preamp


Manley Reference 350



Melos MA333



North Star DAC


Reference 3A Crossover


Robertson 4010


Sonic Frontiers Power 2 Power Amplifier




Sonic Frontier Power 3























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