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Dynavector Cartridges & Analog Components




DV DRT XV-1s (0.30 mv)


$ 5335.00





DV DRT XV-1s Mono (0.25 mv)



$ 4675.00




Te Kaitora Rua Discover MK II (0.26 mv)


$ 3420.00


XX2 MC cartridge



DV XX - 2Mk2 (0.28 mv)



$ 2100.00


DV Karat 17D3 (0.30 mv)


$ 1130.00



DV 20 XL (0.30 mv) XH (2.8 mv)



$ 815.00



DV 10 X5 (2.5 mv)



$ 480.00






Dynavector Tonearm                                                     MSRP  $ 5700.00

DV507MK2       long-awaited debut of DV507MK2

The new MKII version of the Dynavector DV 507 tonearm has made its long-awaited debut, building on the strengths of the original DV 507 which has enjoyed the highest reputation among audiophiles world-wide since its appearance in 1984.

As it is a bi-axis inertia controlled tonearm the DV 507, no matter the type of cartridge can trace the music signal grooves cut in the recording with extreme accuracy. The DV 507 also provides superb trackability on warped recordings. Resolution and musical detailing are quite remarkable.


Dynavector P-75 mk II  Phono Stage                          MSRP $ 1000.00

  • The Dynavector P-75 mkII Phono Stage is a unique entry level phono stage with several outstanding features that ensures the P-75 mkII will out perform other phono stages costing considerably more then the P-75 mkII.
  • P75 phono enhancer



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