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Fosgate Fozgometer

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The Fozgometer is NOT simply an amplitude meter.   Built into the circuit board of the meter, is a complex mathematical formula which takes into account the amplitude, channel separation, and crosstalk measurement between the Left and Right channel.


It is the most easiest and accurate way to dial in the horizontal balance of any cartridge.  


Fosgate's Fozgometer Azimuth Range Meter Is The Tool for Setting Azimuth!  

Jim Fosgate designed the most accurate tool to set your cartridge’s Azimuth. TheFozgometer is battery-operated and is simple to use, and reads channel separation and channel balance, as well as signal direction. Make sure your cartridge is set-up perfectly and it will last longer and sound better!

To obtain high performance from a modern phonograph system, the tonearm and pickup cartridge must be properly adjusted to within a few thousands of an inch. There are several alignment gauges available to adjust overhang and offset. To adjust cartridge azimuth (Axial Tilt), it has been necessary to use lab quality equipment and a test record. Current methods for Azimuth adjustment can be expensive and time consuming. Until now…

The Fozgometer represents a breakthrough for adjusting your azimuth. TheFozgometer is a small portable battery powered unit used in conjunction with a test record (Click here for the HiFi News Test LP or the Analog Productions Ultimate Analog Test LP). It measures channel separation, channel balance, and signal direction quickly and accurately.
Readings are taken without touching the meter, leaving your hands free to work with the tonearm. The meter reads channel separation in both directions, and channel balance. The LED’s indicate Left, Center, and Right signal (test tone) positions. Simple and easy; the Fozgometer is the first tool of its kind to help you maximize the performance of your cartridge!

“I found the Fozgometer well made, really easy to use, and accurate. The Fozgometer gets my highest recommendation!”
- Michael Fremer, Stereophile, Analog Corner, May 2010

"What used to be mildly annoying at best and a major struggle at the worst... is now one simple operation with the Fozgometer. Much like a good digital scale, the Fozgometer takes the guesswork out of one more aspect of turntable setup. Highly recommended!"
- Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio, Issue #28 - April 2010 (p. 134 - Click here)




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