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Excel Stereo continues to bring to you the very best in High End Audio, please feel free make an appointment to visit our showroom for a demonstration of Kondo Products on display.

Every Kondo product are designed and hade may by Hiroyasu Kondo-San of Japan.  Hiroyasu Kondo founded Audio Note Japan in 1976 and since that date, Audio Note Japan has been manufacturing premium audio reproduction products. Now Audio Note Japan manufacture equipment will bear the logo "Kondo". Please ensure that you receive a sealed Certificate of Provenance when purchasing an Audio Note Japan product.

Kondo products are recognized by many as the best in the world in their category, or undoubtedly among the best.   The majority of the components of  Kondo products are designed are hand made in Audio Note Japan's factory.




KSL M7 Series:
  •  KSL-M7 Phono Stage (Phono Input Only)
  •  KSL-M7 Standard (Phono Input + 2 Aux Input)
  •  KSL-M7 Line (Line Input + 2 Aux Input)
  •  KSL-M7 Signature (Phono + 2 Aux Input + High Grade Attenuator)
Kondo KSL-M77 PreamplifierKSL - M77
  • Phono, Line, Aux 1 2 & 3
KSL - M1000 Mk II
  • Phono, Line, Aux 1, Aux 2, Balanced XLR Input




Kondo IO-M MC Cartridge
Kondo KSL-SFz Step Up Transformer    (SIlver Wire Wound)



Power Amplifiers

Kondo KSL-Neiro  8W Stereo Amplifier
  • KSL-Neiro Standard
  • KSL-Neiro Line
Kondo KSL-Kegon 300B Amplifier
Kondo Gakuoh Mono Power Amplifier 300B
Kondo Ongaku Classic Amplifier
Kondo Gakuon II Mono Power Amplifier




Interconnect Cables & Speaker Cables
  • KSL-LP Silver Interconnect
  • KSL-Vz Silver Interconnect
  • KSL-Vc OFC Interconnect
  • KSL-LPD Digital Cable
  • KSL-VzD Digital Cable
Speaker Cables
  • Kondo Silver Speaker Cable KSL-SPz
  • Kondo OFC Speaker Cable KSL-SPc


Power Cables
  • KSL-ACz Silver Power Cord
  • KSL-Acc OFC Power Cord



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