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Purepower APS 1050 Power Regenerator 


Dear Lawrence,

I'm a "Happy Camper" as the old expression goes. The instant I hooked everything up to the Furutech (Powercord) and the Purepower APS 1050, I could hear an openness to the speakers. Everything is working very well together. Either my eyes are playing tricks on me or even the old TV looks better. The next big step is to buy and hook up the Pioneer Elite 60". There's a great comfort in knowing that all my good hardware is well protected from the grid.  :)

Many thanks for the good service and thanks for the follow-up e-mail.

Keep well,
S********, Ontario, Canada




The PurePower 1050, delivers AC power that is identical to that

provided by a fully isolated battery supply. 


$ 2,499.00USD






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The Purepower APS AC Conditioning device is the ONLY device on the market which meets ALL your power conditioning needs.  Take a look at the list of features:


  • Surge Protection:   Every power conditioner claims some sort of surge protection, but have they been tested according to industry standards ?   The APS 1050 meets IEEE / ANSI C62.41 Category B industry surge protection requirements using advance avalanche diodes which doesn't degrade over time (No MOVs).       

  • Full time AC Regeneration:   Pure sine wave AC regeneration which eliminates the need for gimmicky filters.   What you get is pure 100% 120V 60hz AC, not filtered AC.

  • AC Voltage Regulation:  Output voltage is regulated at a rock steady 120V regardless of line voltage surge or sag.    If you have a tube amp, this will ensure the stability of the bias.

  • Battery Backup: When the line voltage drops below a certain point as in the case of a total brownout or a power sag during thunderstorms, the APS will seamlessly switch over to the internal battery supply, eliminating a sudden shutdown.    This is crucial for preventing expensive projector bulbs from overheating.

  • UL, CSA Certifed:    Do you realize the majority of the power products on the market are not even UL or CSA certified ?    The Purepower APS 1050 is UL and CSA certified.

  • Hospital Grade Outlets: 8 hospital grade outlets which allows you to protect your entire system including power amps, cable, and even telephone.

  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty:   If you are having difficulties with your PurePower™ APS that cannot be resolved by our online or telephone support, an RMA will be issued and a courier pickup will be on its way.



The PurePower 1050, delivers AC power that is identical to that provided by a fully isolated battery supply. 


To compare the quality of its power regenerated from the utility AC to the "benchmark" power generated from its on-board battery system, simply pull the plug from the wall during operation. We encourage all PurePower customers to do this test themselves when they first set it up. There is no perceptible difference between the undeniably pure power from the isolated battery supply and the power regenerated from the utility power in the wall outlet - no matter how poor the incoming utility power.



Listening to PurePower is the closest thing to listening to pure battery power full time. It's that good.






Purepower 2000:


(2000W short term)

$ 2,995.00

$ 3,795.00

Purepower 1050:  


(1500W short term)


$ 2,495.00




$ 3,244.00

Purepower 700:


(1000W short term)

$ 1,795.00

$ 2,333.00


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