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Furutech Products - Accessories and Tweaks

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Electrostatic Brush

Microfiber squares actually charge LP and disc media during cleaning. That's on top of the static charge generated from removing media from its protective cases or cover. CDs develop somewhere around 500~1,500V of "frictional static electricity", and ten times that for LPs.

To use just lightly brush the surface of LPs, CDs or other optical media in a circular motion. The brush employs the finest hard-to-find goat hair prized for its softness, just perfect for removing dust from LPs without leaving any marks.

Part No.Product Name UOM 
SK-IIMicrofiber Electrostatic Brush 


Furutech PC-2

PC-2 Disc Pure Cleaner, is a liquid that contains a combination of enzymes and ions. It decreases disc reading errors and jitter substantially, it also makes the disc antistatic. You will notice an increase in resolution and dynamics. PC-2 is applicable to DVD, VCD, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW. A microfiber cleaning cloth is included.

Part No.Product Name UOM 
PC-2PC-2 Disc Pure Cleaner 
AVM (Anti-Vibration Magic)

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A solution that dampens and absorb undesirable and harmful mechanical vibrations, which generate audible or visible Microphonic distortions in any high-end audio, or video system. Applications: AVM-2: Signal vacuum Tube/Fuses/Transformer/circuit boards/internal wires/ Power supplies/ Active or passive components/Wire & Cables/Crossover network.
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Part No.Product Name UOM 
AVM2-20AVM-20 20ml bottle 
Room Tuning Accessory

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Furutech RWL-1 Room Tuning Panel features, sound amplification and absorption using special foam material and 100% silk. The amplification design of Room Tuning Panel consist not only interior concave and convex design, but also the front curving parts to enhance the degree of amplification and reflective adjustment of non-absorbing sound source. Without the direct sound refection, the presentation of sound is richer. Above relevant designs have been tested over time and the final decision has been made after thoughtful consideration. While picking up the product, you will feel the lightness. Therefore, you can place the product anywhere you would like such as on the wall or even in the ceiling.

Size •603mm W X 100mm D X 1153mm H (Excludes Feet)
Net Weight •2.7 Kgs
Material •Internal Structure & Stand  Wood
•2 Side plates  Plastic
•Surface  100% Nature Silk
•Inner Dampers  Furutech specifically designed Air Foam.
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Part No.Product Name UOM 
RWL-1Room Tuning Panel With !00% Natural Silk 









































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