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Excelstereo has teamed up with Audiyo.com to provide you with professional cable termination service.


We carry the full Furutech, X-Symphony and DACT line of products.   If you order any Furutech, X-Symphony, or DACT products through us, and we will assemble/terminate the product for free.


All cables are terminated with Mundorf M Silver/Gold solder, using precise temperature controlled soldering.  Pressure are applied to all contact points to ensure bare metal contact.  Solders are applied over the top to prevent loosening of the joint, but does not interfere with bare metal contact.   All cables are heat shrink protected and all contact points are treated with contact enhancers.





Plugs & Connectors:Banana PlugsRCA Plugs & SocketsSpade Connectors
 Spkr Binding Post XLRs 
AC Products:IEC PlugsMale PlugsReceptacles & Inlets
Cables:Interconnect / Coaxial Speaker WiresPower Cord Wires
 Video Cable / HDMI  
Terminated Cables:Power CablesDIY PackagePhono Cable
Accessories:Power ConditionersDe-StatDeMag
 SolderTweaks & Accessories 


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