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Loricraft Audio Professional Record Cleaners



  • All Loricraft machines use expensive European industrial grade motors instead of Shop Vac Vacuum motor which are loud, inefficient and are subject to overheating.
  • The record is cleaned by use of an Vacuum arm which travels across the entire record in less than 1 min.  The vacuum nozzle tip of the arm does not touch the record.   A fine nylon thread threads through the center of the arm and nozzle that allows the arm to glide across the record.
  • The vacuum arm is adjusted to about 2.5 grams pressure. The arm drive motor has a circular magnet attached to its shaft that mates to a circular magnet on the bottom of the arm assembly. This permits easily moving the vacuum arm without any damage to the motor, through this unique coupling method. The suction nozzle adjusts automatically to records of any thickness including the new 180 gram audiophile releases.
  • The platter spins at 80 RPM
  • The vacuum pressure is focused on 1 pinhole which makes the suction power much stronger than ordinary record cleaner


Models:  (Prices subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation, call us for special pricing)

PRC3 Mk 2  USD $ 2570
The PRC 3 mk 2 performs as well as our original PRC 1 of 15 years ago. That machine would cost at least double the PRC 2 price if made now . Finish and performance are simplified whilst keeping faithful to the PRC design . A special custom made pump unique to Loricraft made this possible . This model's vacuum power is 16.5 litres per minute.

The PRC3 Deluxe  Call for pricing
It has a real wood veneered box and hand made acrylic cover/ high grade hinges. The box is veneered both inside and out. As with the highest grade speakers boxes, this makes a big difference to sound deadening. In addition, the PRC 3 Deluxe has extra sound absorbing material and suspension material to suppress the pump noise. This model truly out performs our original PRC 1. The standard finish is Maple.

PRC4  USD $ 2945
It has 70% greater suction power compared to PRC3 and PRC3 Deluxe. The search for a pump of this specification at this price took many years . Do not confuse these pumps with the ones used in vacuum cleaner based machines. These are laboratory standard scientific pumps which are quite and efficient. The PRC 4 is supplied in real wood veneer without cover. Set at 28 litres per minute flow for the pump ensuring even very dirty or warped records will be cleaned efficiently.

PRC4 Deluxe USD $ 3725
PRC4 Deluxe is the same as the PRC4 but supplied with an acrylic cover.

PRC6  USD $ 4900
The PRC 6 has the largest pump with the lowest noise level which we can accommodate in a box which is slightly taller than that used for the other models.

The forward/reverse facility aids the cleaning process, which particularly helps the PRC3. North American models have 120V operating voltage.   Price subject to change without notice due to the fluctuating GBP/CDN.


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